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Our EQ coaching focuses on furthering your emotional and social intelligence so that you can connect more effectively with others. Find out more.
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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Intuitively Facilitate Improved Interactions

The importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) is recognised as necessary to develop successful relationships in one’s life and career. This programme develops an awareness of other people’s emotions and the ability to intuitively facilitate improved interactions based on this knowledge.


EQ and SQ (social intelligence) enables you to better understand and motivate different personalities, manage perceptions and respond appropriately to every situation.

Who will benefit from this programme?


  • Groups who want to learn to work better together and be more productive.
  • Teams that need to improve their engagements with each other or their stakeholders.
  • Leaders who want to understand how best to develop their team members.
  • Individuals who want to interrogate current perceptions that may exist about themselves and learn how to manage those.
Our Strengths Coaching helps you identify untapped strengths in yourself or your team and use these to better structure your daily tasks, processes or organisation.