True North Coaching | Insights / Personality Profiling Tool
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Insights / Personality Profiling Tool

The Difference Between Intention and Impact

In business, perception is reality and how peers, staff and stakeholders respond to you is influenced by their perceptions of you. Perceptions develop based on your communication style. The popular Insights workshop utilises a personality profiling tool that focuses on communication styles, how this relates to perception and how to manage these.


Insights looks at the difference between intention and impact and allows you to adjust your communication with key stakeholders in order to ensure that the message you are trying to share is heard. Within a team, understanding differences enables greater tolerance and a willingness to use this diversity to the advantage of the organisation.


A sales chapter provides an understanding of your sales or influencing strengths and weaknesses. From this we explore your communication, messaging and behaviours to positively influence people’s actions.

The Insights workshop is perfect for:


  • Individuals or groups who want to learn more about themselves and others.
  • New teams that want to fast track who they are and where they’re going.
  • Groups looking for a fun team building exercise!
  • Teams or personalities that may conflict and clash because of their different communication styles.
  • Newly integrated teams seeking to create a shared language.
  • Teams desiring to understand how your stakeholders want to do business with them.
Following your Insights workshop, we may recommend a variety of leadership development, team development or employee engagement programmes.