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Our leadership development programme, Paths of Excellence, enables leaders to harness their potential and benefit their growth and that of the organisation.
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Leadership Development Programme

Paths of Excellence

Each individual, team and organisation is on a path that either encourages purposeful and sustainable growth or stifles it.


The Paths of Excellence™ leadership programme will help individuals better navigate these paths, igniting their potential to benefit both their growth and that of the team or organisation.


Our leadership development programme is unique in that it is highly experiential. We use group coaching to facilitate conversation versus merely imparting information. It is often in these conversations that the greatest growth occurs.


Modules in the Paths of Excellence™ programme will build greater self and social awareness, provide cutting edge business models and tools and create more sustainable relationships, ultimately leading to a noted improvement in the way that you lead.


The modules are:

Purpose & Values

Purpose is the most powerful motivator in an organisation – it can inspire people to do astounding things in order to bring it to realisation. Having a compelling purpose will keep you and your team moving forward, even against discouraging odds.


By articulating your values, priorities emerge, thus providing a clearer vision of your true purpose. In this module of Paths of Excellence we work on aligning values and purpose in leaders, in order to achieve the most positive results.

Agile Leadership

Change is inevitable. In order for organisations to not only survive, but also flourish, agility has become non-negotiable. Which is why your success as a leader will be determined by whether you are agile and resilient enough to adapt and excel.


In this module, we equip leaders to work with change in a constructive and creative manner. Engaging with change is also not a singular activity but requires alignment and collaboration. We upskill you so that you can anticipate and shape the future, plus we show you how to translate this for your team.

Delegating Successfully

We make hundreds of requests, both to self and others on a daily basis. Yet, many of these requests are not sufficiently met or not met at all. The way we delegate directly influences our effectiveness in an organisation.


Delegating Successfully focuses on your unique challenges around making requests and how this can be remedied. We provide guidelines that may be used as building blocks to reduce misunderstandings, prevent duplication and the resultant consequences and conflict. Effective requests create an environment of greater efficiency, alignment and clarity in communication.

Personal Effectiveness

Leadership starts from within. Leaders who propel the organisation in a new direction must look inward as well as outward. Organisations don’t change, people do, and the change starts with you. This module encourages self-observation, leading to a greater awareness that allows for self-correction and creates opportunities.


The Personal Effectiveness module will enable you to see and understand situations through multiple lenses, thereby having a clearer vision to act more decisively.

Candid Conversations

A Candid Conversation™ has the power to change the direction of an individual, a career or an organisation. In fact research conducted in 500 highly productive organisations indicated that a key-contributing factor to their success was the ability to have these open conversations.


In this module you will be given tools to have robust and honest conversations, leading to strengthened relationships as you and your team strive together towards a common goal.

Authentic Teamwork

Authentic teamwork is about unlocking potential so that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results together.


This module focuses on improving interactions between team members and key stakeholders, enabling you to respond more effectively to challenges and better meet individual and collective objectives.

Engaged employees are more productive, more innovative and outperform their competitors. Find out more about our Employee Engagement programmes.