True North Coaching | Leading Change
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Leading Change

Prosper in New Contexts

We live in an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable world. The way we respond to change has profound implications for us individually and at an organisational level. If not handled wisely, change can break down relationships, decrease profits and destroy organisations. Leading Change offers leaders the opportunity to renew and adapt mindsets to prosper in new contexts.


At True North we look specifically at the people aspect of change. This is done by assessing various “mental models” and exploring whether they facilitate or hinder change in your environment.

Who would benefit from this?


  • Any organisation or team facing change whether it be a restructure, a change in processes or technology.
  • Organisations launching a new brand, strategy or offering.
  • Companies who wish to effect a change in culture requiring people to behave differently.
  • Anyone who needs assistance with the people-side of change and is looking for a completely customised programme with sustainable results.
Find out more about our unique approach towards change, Dancing with the Future, and how it can prepare you and your business for whatever comes your way.