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Manager as Coach is a powerful management style that can help you build better relationships and drive performance in your organisation. Find out more.
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Manager as Coach

Equiping Managers and Leaders with the Fundamentals of Coaching

Manager as Coach is a powerful tool that enables managers to apply coaching techniques rather than merely ‘telling’ their staff what to do. Based on our extensive coaching experience, we’ve created a workshop to equip managers and leaders with the fundamentals of coaching. This often leads to better team relationships, conversations, encourages greater buy-in and drives performance in your organisation.

This 2-day manager coaching programme is perfect for:


  • Leaders who want to lead more effectively.
  • Groups who are looking for a workshop that will help them collaborate more powerfully.
  • Managers who are looking for training that further develops their management style.
We run a number of Team Development and Leadership Development programmes that can further assist with your performance as a manager.