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Our strengths coaching uses the Strengthsfinder tool to find untapped strengths and use these to better structure your tasks, processes or organisation.
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Strengths Coaching

Maximise Your True Potential

Historically companies have focused on people’s weaknesses instead of celebrating their strengths. It is a leader’s responsibility to focus on the team’s strengths because this is what motivates people, makes them passionate about their job and ultimately improves their performance.


At True North, we conduct our strengths coaching through a programme created by Marcus Buckingham called StrengthsFinder. Originally developed in the United States, this personal assessment tool has given millions of individuals a new way of positively describing their inherent talents.

Strengths coaching is perfect for:

  • The restructuring of teams to maximise output.
  • Both groups and individuals.
  • Teams who are looking for an inspiring workshop.
  • Identifying and activating dormant strengths.
We also offer coaching for high performing individuals and our popular Leadership Development Programme / Paths of Excellence.