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Our EQ coaching focuses on furthering your emotional and social intelligence so that you can connect more effectively with others. Find out more.
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Strengths Finder 2.0

A different level of engagement and collaboration

In sport, we immediately see the value of a high performing team in which individuals are sharp but the team is well rounded. A group of powerful individuals, well positioned, cohere into an unstoppable force.

Challenges faced in the next few years are going to require a different level of engagement and collaboration. There is an urgency to create high performing teams which can respond in a way that is both adaptable and authentic. These teams need to be able to respond in ways that are not based purely on region or role but rather by leveraging innate strengths. If these are clearly understood it becomes easier for individuals to volunteer these strengths as well as assess how best to contribute to the actioning of the strategy.

A day which focuses on Strengths will create:


  • A new understanding of the power of the individuals in the room
  • A strong focus on harnessing the positive
  • Solving problems with a Strong Mind
  • How to harness strengths to deliver on the strategy
Our Strengths Coaching helps you identify untapped strengths in yourself or your team and use these to better structure your daily tasks, processes or organisation.