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Trusted Advisor is a personal branding course that can help you position yourself as an expert, transform your relationships and improve your productivity.
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Trusted Advisor

Differentiate Order-Takers From Equal Status Partners

A key ingredient in any successful transactional process is trust. This attribute fosters sustainable relationships in nations, organisations, teams and individuals. It also has the power to differentiate order-takers from equal status partners.


In order to understand why people buy or seek our services, we need to have knowledge of their environment – and we get this by asking incisive questions. Trusted Advisor will help you ask the relevant questions, transforming purely transactional relationships into interactional ones and having a direct impact on your productivity.


By identifying, unpacking and strengthening individual development areas, each person on this personal branding programme will walk away with a positive observable change in behaviour. You will also receive tangible models for building trust and explore real life examples, providing skills to apply in your day-to-day dealings with your clients.

Who is this Trusted Advisor programme suitable for?


  • Anyone looking for a conscious and integrated foundation to help them build trusted equal status partnerships.
  • People who want help positioning themselves or their group as experts in a particular field.
  • Those wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the personalities and needs of people they deal with, in order to meet and exceed their expectations.
Our Sales Coaching programmes are another way of building trust and transforming your sales skills.