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Our sales training and coaching will help you with networking, qualifying leads, building trust and ultimately closing the deal. Find out more.
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Sales Coaching

Building Trust & Closing The Deal

People love to buy from and they hate to be sold to. Based on this there has been a move away from being just a sales person to becoming a trusted advisor. Our sales coaching addresses your individual strengths and weaknesses, looking at what holds you back, what works and what doesn’t.


Based entirely on your desired outcome, we devise a sales coaching programme consisting of skills transfer, coaching and regular meetings with stakeholders to review progress and performance. Using case studies, we will help you work on networking, qualifying leads, building trust and ultimately closing the deal.


Additional offerings include interviewing your existing client base to collate input on their experience, 360-degree feedback from colleagues and a sales-profiling tool.

 Our sales coaching is suitable for:

  • Both individuals and groups in sales roles.
  • Those at a management level looking to define the sales strategy of the organisation.
  • Anyone wanting to develop selling skills such as questioning, understanding customer needs, proposing solutions and handling objections.
  • Members of your sales team who may be facing self-doubt during low periods.
  • Those in Key Account Management roles who want a sales training programme that teaches them to manage strategy, understand structural hierarchy and maintain healthy professional relationships. 
Looking for coaching for high performing individuals? We also offer coaching for groups, strengths coaching and virtual coaching.